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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 3.


In 1950 the GPO stationed its new third mobile office (MPO No.3) at the Ground and it attended The Championships each year until 1971, the last year a mobile office was stationed at tha Ground.


Attention, this article is also available in Polish:
Wimbledon-stemple okolicznościowe 1939-2013, część 3


Postmarked Friday, 7th July 1950, the day of the Gentlemen’s Challenge Final


A registered letter postmarked Monday, 25th June 1951, the first day of The Championships.


A registered letter postmarked Monday, 23th June 1952, the first day of The Championships


A registered letter postmarked Sunday, 27th June 1953


A registered letter postmarked Monday, 21th June 1954, the first day of The Championships


For some unknown reason the “Club” date stamp was not used in 1955 and only the ordinary mobile date stamp was used. That year mobile office number 3 was again stationed at the Ground but the mobile date stamp used here reads MOBILE POST OFFICE No 2 A but note that the 2 is upside down to normal. It is likely that when this stamp was being brought into use the figure 2 was inserted instead of a 3. It is known that a date stamp reading No 3 A was being used two days earlier on the 20th.

A registered letter postmarked Monday, 22th June 1955, the first day of The Championships


A registered letter postmarked Tuesday, 3rd July 1956, with the “Club” date stamp that was not used the previous year.


In 1957 a new “Club” date stamp was brought into use. It had a similar wording as before but set in double ring. It was intended for use on unregistered mail, however, if requested it could be used to cancel stamps on registered letters. Whilst a new design of date stamp was introduced for use on ordinary mail, the “Club” date stamp used since 1949 (except in 1955) continued to be used for registered mail. As registration was more costly and the interest in the new postmark was greater, examples of the old “Club” date stamp used in 1957 are uncommon.

A registered postal envelope postmarked Tuesday, 2nd July 1957. An inland registered postal envelope addressed to the USA and passed in Boston free of additional charge on the 12th July.

A registered letter postmarked 24th June 27 that should have read 57 which was the first Monday of The Championships.

A registered letter postmarked Thursday, 27th June 1957. The first cancellations of the day on the 27th June, 12.45 AM, the time was not properly set on PM

Ordinary non-registered letters postmarked Thursday, 12.45.PM 27th June and Tuesday, 7.15.PM 25th June 1957.The time in the postmark has not been properly set on PM but partially reads AM. (left)

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