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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 4.

1958 A New Postmark

In 1958 a new design of postmark was introduced promoting the Wimbledon championships. It remained in use until 1964. It was decided that it would be more efficient if ordinary non-registered mail was handstamped in the main office rather than sending it to the mobile office for stamping and then returned for forwarding to the addressee.

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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 3.


In 1950 the GPO stationed its new third mobile office (MPO No.3) at the Ground and it attended The Championships each year until 1971, the last year a mobile office was stationed at tha Ground.


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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 2.

1947 The Championships were suspended from 1940 to 1945 during WW II and postal services were not provided at the 1946 Championships. In 1947 a mobile post office was again stationed at he Ground, this time at the North Hall of the Centre Court. A circular date stamp reading ALLEENGLANDLTCWIMBLEDONSW19 (without spaces)  was used to cancel stamps on registered mail and on certificates of posting. 

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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 1.


High on the list of wants sought by collectors of tennis postmarks are those used at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon. In 1947 the Post Office began providing a commemorative date stamp promoting the annual championships for use in its mobile temporary office stationed at the Club Ground.

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Beach tennis


Under the auspices of the ITF (International Tennis Federation), beach tennis is the third official variety of tennis, next to traditional and wheelchair tennis. It is currently rapidly-growing sport with a bold aim of ITF to become the leading beach sport. When we consider beach volleyball or beach soccer it seems not realistic so far.

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