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Wimbledon’s Tennis Postmarks 1939-2013 Part 11.

1991 - 1996

The Post Office provided a service from this office in the Octagon from 1991 to 1994



Attention, this article is also available in Polish:
Wimbledon - stemple okolicznościowe 1939-2013 część 11


Photos taken in 1994

In 1993 there was no commemorative postmark that year.

The POC office in the octagon continued to use this date stamp. Here if was used as a cachet and the card was then forwarded to the main office where it received the machine cancellate.

In 1994 a commemorative postmark was again made available from the London Special Handstamp Centre (LSHC). Mount Pleasant, London on stamped addressed covers. Senders wanting the special postmark on covers posted at the Ground could receive the POC date stamp as a cachet on the cover before it was forwarded to the LSHC to receive the special handstamp.

Regulations stipulated thet the POC date stamp used in the office at the Ground should only be used to cancel stamps on receipted mail and receipts. This date stamp was used in the POC office during its time in the octagon from 1991 to 1994.

Stamp paying for Guaranteed Delivery cancelled with the POC date stamp together with its receipt.

1995 was the last year the post office was in Aorangi Park.

In 1996 it moved to a kiosk in the s.w. hall of the new No.1 Court complex. It was the last year that the POC used this date stamp.

1997 - 1998

In 1997 there was no commemorative postmark.

That year a new date stamp replaced that used since 1991.

For the 1997 Championships the post office moved to a kiosk east of the No.1 Court complex.

In 1998 there were two special postmarks applied in the LSHC, one arranged by POC and the other was sponsored by St. John Ambulance for one day, the 5th July 1998, Finals Day.

The post office moved into the No.1 Court complex. It was the first year it was in a brick built office.

These postmarks were dated the day they were applied.

The LHSC postmarks that have changeable dates are applied by special rubber self-inking handstamp canceller that has been in use some 30 years. In 1992 a “Pad Canceller” was introduced that provided a high quality black image with fine detail but it could only be used where the postmark was limited to one date.

St. John Ambulance sponsored this postmark for one day, the 5th July 1998, Finals Day.

Certificates of Posting were stamped with POC date stamp.

Stamps cancelled on a Special Delivery letter together with its receipt of posting.

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